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Sick Days Stink

As a business owner, I have experienced my first bump in the road...all cause by a dirty little thing called bronchitis. It all started on Sunday, I spent the day outside mulching leaves and raking. Usually my eyes water due to allergies to the grasses, so I took an allergy pill after I started to feel a small tightness in my chest. As the night went on, the tightness turned into a dry cough--almost as if I had a desert in my left lung, it was so uncomfortable. The next morning I had a meeting with our new client, rosita jones studio., because we're revamping her website. But during the meeting, the hair on my arms began to stand up and the body aches started. For some reason, when I start to get sick, the aches start at my feet and then slowly creep up my legs. Now I'm no doctor, but I can always tell when I'm about to be full blown down for the count! During my meeting with Geeks In a Box and Angie from rosita, I felt as if the room was closing in...I looked at the gals …

Giving a Lifeline to Victims

Recently, I had the opportunity to emcee an event for Liza's Lifeline...a local nonprofit that helps domestic violence victims here in the Lowcountry. I'm lucky that I get the opportunity to emcee a few things in town, but I must say, the event Breaking the Silence Awards for the Zonta Club that benefitted Liza's Lifeline was probably one of my favorites. Everyone that works on these sad cases are true angels. Although I've never been a victim of domestic violence, I have been a victim of violence against women and it truly boils my blood.

At the event, I heard stories about women who just wanted to change their life, but unfortunately, their lives were cut short by someone they knew. It broke my heart. However, I felt as if I was meant to be there that night. It made me connect to my feelings about Peyton's murder and gave me a renewed spirit to continue to help other women out there from becoming a victim. So when I received an email today from Liza's Lifeli…

Lessons in a Year

Life's about relationships. Building great relationships both personally and professionally takes time and effort and you can liken it to a owning a plant, you have to continue to water it for it to grow...I'm starting to sound like Dr. Phil..ha! Anyway, now that I've passed my one year anniversary of owning Nelwater, I love seeing how relationships have blossomed. I am saddened sometimes when I'm let down by a relationship that shakes my trust in people. But as much I try not to focus on it, it gives me a lesson for my book. Being who am I and seeing my business grow and change keeps me in awe daily and I can't thank all those relationships and lessons that have helped me learn so far. I'm still a student in this wide world, and knowledge is power. I'm learning new things everyday....and that's a darn good thing.

Here's some great quotes:

Life will teach you the lessons, it is up to you to learn them.

There are no mistakes or failures, onl…