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Tis' the Season to Help

The cold weather in the Lowcountry has really put me into the Christmas spirit. It's such a great time to spend with family and friends. But for all of us who are enjoying warm meals and warm nights, there's plenty in the Lowcountry that aren't so lucky. I know that Crisis Ministries is seeing a huge influx of folks who really just want a warm place to sleep. They even have a cold weather fund to help raise money to feed and keep everyone warm. Sometimes, it's hard to find gifts for those hard to please people and this would be a great gift...donate in their name. We do it every year, for different nonprofits each year. So if you are still scratching your head on gifts, give the gift of warmth and donate to

We can't forget about our furry friends fighting the temperatures too. This is not the time of year to leave Fido outside, I'm a big believer that animals are part of the family, so please bring them in! Local rescues like Daisy…

The Hectic Holidays...who knew?

The holidays are here and in full force and it seems like only yesterday, I was on Sullivans Island enjoying Home Team BBQ's Painkiller in the 80-degree heat. (If you have to ask, you haven't had one yet-heavenly!) It's now colder than it's been in Charleston for years and it flurried overnight in town. I feel as if I've been transported back to Denver, but it's really a refreshing change from the blazing heat that we're used to, so I'll take it.

As some of you know in the Goldwater household, we celebrate Chanukkah and Christmas. It's been a delight since both Darren and I introduced our faith traditions to each other and like my father always says, "Knowledge is Power." I wish everyone a very Happy Chanukkah (even if I am a little late!).

Christmas is a great time for the Nelson family, it's the one holiday my dad jumps in full force. He's known as the "Cookieman" and bakes the best cookies in the can ask Bo…