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Helping a Struggling Animal Refuge by Raising a Glass

Each year, more than 3,500 wild animals get displaced from their natural habitat in the Lowcountry and are taken to local animal refuge, Keeper of the Wild. With the cost of caring for these animals rising, this local nonprofit organization is desperately in need of financial help and has been selected as the beneficiary of the July installment of Pour It Forward. This monthly wine tasting giving event will happen on Wednesday, July 20 from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m. at The Square Onion Too! at 411 Coleman Boulevard in Mount Pleasant. A $10 donation is requested. With that donation, patrons will enjoy a wine tasting, healthy snacks, music and more.  
For this July installment, the chosen nonprofit organization, Keeper of the Wild, cares for sick, injured, orphaned, or displaced wildlife with the intention of returning them to their appropriate habitats in the wild. Janet Kinser, the founder of Keeper Of The Wild, started the organization in November 2001 and selflessly dedicated herself every…

My Big Brown

When I first got Fletcher, the Nelwater Consulting mascot, it was April 20, 2000. I was living in Colorado with my then-boyfriend, Jason and he had always wanted a Chocolate Labrador. Growing up with mutts and even a Golden Retriever, I wasn't too picky but Jason had loved the idea of a Chocolate Lab, it was the least I could do to say yes. When I came home from an event that evening, I met Fletcher for the first time. This small brown ball of fur was only 12 weeks old and the length of my arm, from my wrist to my elbow....tiny. We cooed over this little piece of magic and swore we would make him the best dog he could be.

I began working on my first book about Peyton's death and each day I would go to the computer to write, under the desk, Fletch would be if he had something to contribute to the story as well. He was my right hand man. But beyond that wagging tail and amber eyes, was a little devil...or as I called him, "Our Little Gold Bar". Fletch chew…