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Geeks In A Box No Longer a Geek ~ Expands Services and Rebrands as Kalson Media Group in Mount Pleasant

Charleston has grown from a sleepy southern town into a vibrant East Coast city with a flourishing tech scene. The name, Silicon Harbor, as it has been coined, describes the Lowcountry perfectly. Since 1999, one of Charleston’s original web design companies, Geeks In a Box run by CEO Laura Carson, has seen the times change from a four page website with dial-up to 200 page websites with shopping carts. As the company matured and expanded, the geeks have grown up. The staff put away their suspenders and broken glasses with masking tape, and traded in for a sleeker look. Carson is taking it one step further — by revamping the business by rebranding. They’ve ditched the name Geeks in a Box, and are now Kalson Media Group and in order to grow with their expanding business, they have opened an office in I’On in Mount Pleasant. 

“Being a technologically savvy, female web design business owner twenty years ago was rare and did come with its challenges. But now, it’s refreshing to see so many w…