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Trauma Expert Dr. Jennifer White-Baughan Accepting New Patients

Charleston’s loss is Sausalito's gain.
Expert trauma psychologist, Dr. Jennifer White-Baughan Ph.D, has relocated her office from Charleston, SC, to Sausalito (1505 Bridgeway) and a part time office in Mill Valley. Her impact upon not only myself, but many trauma survivors, is beyond explanation and I’m here today because of her EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming) and trauma survivor work with me due to the murder of my friend in our home. 
Ironically, the trauma expert became a trauma patient.
While living in Bali (during her transition from East Coast to West Coast), it was a surreal time for Jennifer— the people, the smells, the beauty — the last thing she expected was to be pummeled by a motorbike in May 2016, knocking her down to the gravel ground that not only imprinted small rocks into her head and face… but imprinted upon her grey matter. She was injured with a severe brain bleed in her visual cortex. Her daughter, Bristol Baughan , a professional leadership…

Cinco De Mayo Weekend in Charleston