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Blue Barn Juice Company serves up Local, Fresh, Cold-Pressed Juices to Your Doorstep

Blue Barn Juice Company is changing the way you think of cold-pressed organic vegetable and fruit juices and making it easier to add them to your routine. Creating 10 different raw blends and cleanses at their Blue Barn headquarters and kitchen at 1537 Ben Sawyer Boulevard in Mount Pleasant, they are proud to offer daily delivery to your doorstep through online ordering, walk-up purchasing at their kitchen and “Blue Barn Boxes” - think of them as a "Red Box" for juice, “Blue Barn Boxes” are strategically placed at premier studios through the Lowcountry. All you have to do is swipe your credit card and go. Their “delivery-to-your door” business concept was built around the idea of the modern milkman, which is difficult to find in today’s hurried world. 

The concept of cold-pressed is well-known throughout the nation, however, Blue Barn does not use High Pressure Pascalization (HPP) like juices you see on store shelves. HPP denatures the delicate structures of nutrients in prod…