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Happy Juice Express Debuts in South Carolina

Great news! Our new client, Carolina Global Inc.'s new beverage Happy Juice Express is debuting in stores as you read this. Its expected arrival date is June 12, 2014 but many stores have received early shipments and the product is flying off the shelves and in some areas, selling out in less than 30 minutes. 

From their site, "Happy Juice Express is a delicious fruit-flavored malt beverage served in a 24 oz. bottle with 12% ABV. While the product is brewed Wisconsin (and many thanks to our friends in the midwest!), the brand, taste, and concept were developed from the blood, sweat and tears of three entrepreneurs from the great state of South Carolina. In addition to tasting great, the Happy Juice Express brand exemplifies a lifestyle for the free-spirits and go-getters who move through life with a smile." 

There's much more to come about this SC born & raised product but it's moving so fast...stay tuned. Not only will you find it in convenience stores around …