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Sip N Shop at The Boutique at Firefly Resort scheduled for November 24


Thankful Thoughts

Crazy to believe that I ventured out on my own eight years ago after being at ABC News 4 for more than five years. It has been quite a journey from building a hospital (obviously not by myself) to representing companies internationally to having a sports division to Nelwater, I don't think I could have prepared myself for all this if I'd known ahead of time. 
Sometimes when life gives you lemons, you add them to your cocktails and live it up! 
With Thanksgiving here, it's a time to take a breath and be grateful. 2017 hasn't been quite a good year personally as we lost Darren's dad, mom broke her bad leg and dad had a seizure but when we celebrate this week, we will remember why we are so lucky to be alive.  Nelwater moved into a larger location after getting beaten up by Hurricane Matthew. Moving is never fun and if I have it my way, it will be last time for decades. But we have a roof over our head and that's what matters. 

Thanks to all my clients - past and pre…