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Dr. Germain Heads To Surgery In December

She's one of the hardest working people we've been lucky enough to work with. Dr. Marguerite Germain of Germain Dermatology has been voted Charleston's Best Dermatologist for more than a decade. She introduced CoolSculpting to the Lowcountry, has injected more Botox than any injector in SC and created a Cryotherapy unit, Germain Chill, to help those with pains, joint aches and overall recovery. What most people don't realize is that Dr. Germain was so intrigued by Cryotherapy because it helped her hip pain as well. Daily, she is up early and works very late, all the while fighting off pain in both hips. 
Recently, when I was in the office later in the day... she walked differently, and winced quietly when she didn't think anyone was looking. Dr. G isn't one to not be in a good mood - she's not one to complain, but the pain has become enough to where it's time to fix it. 
During the week of Christmas, Dr. Germain will undergo bilateral hip replacement surg…

Sip N Shop at The Boutique at Firefly Resort scheduled for November 24


Thankful Thoughts

Crazy to believe that I ventured out on my own eight years ago after being at ABC News 4 for more than five years. It has been quite a journey from building a hospital (obviously not by myself) to representing companies internationally to having a sports division to Nelwater, I don't think I could have prepared myself for all this if I'd known ahead of time. 
Sometimes when life gives you lemons, you add them to your cocktails and live it up! 
With Thanksgiving here, it's a time to take a breath and be grateful. 2017 hasn't been quite a good year personally as we lost Darren's dad, mom broke her bad leg and dad had a seizure but when we celebrate this week, we will remember why we are so lucky to be alive.  Nelwater moved into a larger location after getting beaten up by Hurricane Matthew. Moving is never fun and if I have it my way, it will be last time for decades. But we have a roof over our head and that's what matters. 

Thanks to all my clients - past and pre…

Teacups and Trucks Are Going Mobile ... Again! Closing Mount Pleasant Shop to Focus on Convenient and Creative Mobile Parties

For parents, convenience is more important than ever. From groceries delivered to your doorstep or dry cleaning being picked up from your home, in the busy world of parenting and raising children, there never seems to be enough time. This is why Teacups and Trucks LLC is announcing that they will be going back to their “roots” as a mobile birthday party service and will be closing their Mount Pleasant brick and mortar shop they opened in 2015 off Coleman Boulevard. The closing is only to enhanceand focus on their mobility to reach children, their friends and family in all parts of Charleston and its surrounding areas. The Mount Pleasant shop will close in December 2017.
The brainchild of Corrie Silvers in 2009, Teacups and Trucks blossomed into one of the most popular birthday party event planning companies in the Lowcountry. Supplying all of the materials for a child’s themed birthday party to the parents’ location of choice took the pressure off the parents and family when planning a…