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Noisy Oyster Celebrates 25 Years With a Facelift and Menu Enhancements

Fourth generation restauranteur Wade Boals and business partner Brett Yearout are proud to showcase the new renovations and menu enhancements at both Noisy Oyster Restaurant locations, located at 7842 Rivers Avenue and 24 N Market St, in honor of their 25 years in the Lowcountry restaurant scene.

With the help from famed chef Bob Waggoner, Boals and Yearout enhanced the menu with more local ingredients and a farm-to-table perspective. Waggoner also consulted on plate presentation.
The interior of the restaurant will be unrecognizable to those who frequent the North Charleston location with a more open floor plan, new decor, updated color palette and more than ten HDTVs . As for those who haven’t been to the Noisy Oyster lately, now is the time to see and taste the changes.

“As a fourth generation restaurant owner and native of Charleston, my family has been part of building the Lowcountry restaurant scene to what it is now. I started working early in life for my dad, Ronnie Boals,…