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Running for Leslie McCravy... and Peyton

In 1999, I lost my best friend, Peyton Tuthill to a senseless act of murder. Her death and the subsequent trials and events that followed truly changed my life forever. So when I originally met Debbie McCravy while hosting Lowcountry Live, it was her first year starting a 5K in honor of her daughter, Leslie who was killed senselessly as well. Instantly, I bonded with Debbie and although I haven't lost a child, I had experienced the pain and horror of murder...the whys and why nots. This year, Debbie asked me to be a part of the committee for the Leslie McCravy Memorial 5k Run/Walk I graciously agreed and felt honored. Due to my crazy schedule, I've had to miss a few meetings (most, sorry Debbie!) but I tried what I could to get those I knew to donate to this great cause. Thank you to Pam at Whole Foods Market who will be donating the waters and fruit for the event, John at Cru Cafe for the gift certificates, Mary at Square Onion for the certificates, Melissa Gray for the beaut…

Catching the Wave of Equality

Recently, I was contacted by the Entertainment Director of the Charleston Pride Festival, Rob King, who was putting together the Second Annual Charleston Pride Festival. We sat over coffee to discuss ways to shine a spotlight on the festival and get even more attendees this year. Last year, they had more than 4,000 - which is a wonderful number to start off with, especially for a first time event. So when I asked Rob, "Do  you have a press release ready to go?" He shook his head no, admitting he didn't know much about that side of things. So I offered my services and contacts to him complimentary to help get the word out about this great event. 
Just like Warriors Wear Pink and Louie's Kids, there are certain organizations that you do spend your time and effort on, not for money but because you believe in their mission or what they stand for and that often pays you two fold. 
After I wrapped up my meeting with Rob, he sent me all the things I requested via email and wa…

There's a Warrior Where you Least Expect

Last night was the 2nd annual Warriors Wear Pink Mobile Boutique, it was in a different part of town and although the turnout wasn't what we all expected...I think due to the location, I was truly impressed by the entire event and those I met last night. First off, I have to give a round of applause to Angelique Cunningham of rosita jones studio. I've known Angie for years when I used to sell my jewelry in her shop on King Street. She now has an exclusive shop in West Ashley and is custom blending  nail polish that is formaldehyde free and awesome! Anyway, Angie made a "Warrior" Pink exclusively for last night's event and donated the proceeds to Warriors Wear Pink. What was so great about it was that Angie had never met Leslie until yesterday, when I called Angie up to ask her to be a part of the event, she jumped at the chance. Ironically, Angie lost one of her close friends Deborah to breast cancer this week so this event meant even more to her and gave her a r…