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Slimming Down the South

This Saturday, celebrities are coming together to help fight childhood obesity with the Slim Down the South Celebrity Softball Challenge for Louie's Kids. It all started off as a dream for Louis Yuhasz of Louie's Kids, he said one night to his partner, Fred, what if we have a softball game and invite celebrities from around the nation to show kids that they're standing behind the kids to lose the weight and get healthy. And that dream turned into a reality. With big names Bill Murray and Darius Rucker saying yes to being captains of the team, to all the other wonderful celebrities that are participating too, it's amazing to think that the event is almost here. 

The Slim Down the South Celebrity Softball Challenge is an
amazing 'Field of Dreams' day at the ballpark and a softball 
game between celebrity teams to raise awareness and 
monies for Louie's Kids and Run Buddies to combat childhood 
obesity in the areas hardest hit by this epidemic.
What I love about it …

The Heart of the Matter

It's been a while since I blogged due to the craziness happening in my life. I know you're not supposed to let personal events affect your business, but when it's your mom, all the rules change. I'm slowly getting back on track and thank everyone who has been there for all of us. 

Please take a moment to read my story in the Post and Courier's Moxie section about my mom's recovery from a heart attack.