First Round of Hurricane Relief Supplies head to Hope Town/Firefly Sunset Resort

Firefly Sunset Resort in Hope Town, Elbow Cay, Abaco is locally owned by Jim and Ann Irvin (previous owners of Irvin-House Vineyards and current co-owners of Firefly Distillery). Their resort was obliterated by Hurricane Dorian as their cay, Elbow Cay, was the first place where Dorian made landfall. Many from the Charleston area visit the resort regularly and it holds close ties to the Charleston community. This resort also employs many Bahamians in that area.

The Irvin family along with their children Jay and Kimberly MacMurphy (wife) coordinated a list of supplies needed and local residents signed up for specific items--at Red Drum on 9/10/2019. Donations range in variety of 30lb bags of lentils to fix-a-flats to dog food to specialized security lights suggested by local nonprofit Water Missions International.

The first donation round up was a success. Special thanks to Red Drum for offering up their location. Stay tuned as Kimberly and Jay will be updating a new signupgenius list. So stay tuned. Here's some great pics from that day.